Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review: Sally Girl Eyeshadow Singles

Hey everybody! Again, sorry for the lack of posting! I'm trying to make posts everyday but with my health lately that is just impossible. First I had mono, now I have an infection in my right eye. It started Monday, my eye was in pain all day. Then, it was swollen and red. So, on Tuesday I went to my doctor and he said I had an injury on my cornea so today he's making me see some special eye doctor. Okay, enough about my health. On to the review!

So today I will be reviewing two Sally Girl Eyeshadow Single which are available here  or at your local Sally's Beauty Supply store. They have a ton of colors and the best part is that they are only $0.99. That is amazing, the pigmentation is great. They blend like a dream; great great great quality. I really do think everyone should give these a shot, whether you're used to cover girl eye shadows or Chanel eye shadows I think you would still enjoy these. BTW, the two colors I'm showing you here are called (from l-r: taupe, champagne)

                 *(Sorry for the really crappy picture! It looked a bit better on my phone! Haha, Sorry!)

There are the swatches, just one swipe. They are very soft and velvety (I know champagne is broken in the pan. It was in my makeup bag and it broke!)