Saturday, October 30, 2010

Review: ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powders

(from l-r: sunkissed, matte bronze, warm tan)
I ordered these bronzers (along with one other one which I'll explain in a second) from ELF a few of months ago. I ordered sunkissed, matte bronze, warm tan, and luminance. Luminance sadly broke. I was holding it and shook it in the air for like three seconds and the powder broke! It was such a soft texture. I guess that it was so soft that it broke! It was a gorgeous color, too bad it broke :/
(matte bronze)
The picture isn't really true to color. It's really washed out. The color is a lot darker in person. I think this would work a lot better for people with nc30 skin and above. I'm an nc20 and this is way too dark for me. I never use it. It's also kind of chalky, so watch out for that.

(warm tan)
This is definitely, hands down, my favorite color of the bunch! I have dry skin so the shimmer doesn't bother me. (I heared oily skin should stay away from shimmer) I love the way it looks. It's such a gorgeous color! I think this would work on all skin tones and that says a lot.

I actually ordered this one first, about a month before the other three. I honestly don't like it. It's far too shimmery and too ORANGE. It is very orange. You can't even tell on the picture. I really don't reccomend it unless you want to look like an oompa loompa, which you probably don't, so stay away!


(no flash)
(from l-r: sunkissed, matte bronze, warm tan)

All in all, I really would only recommend Warm tan. Unless you're darker, than I would recommend matte bronze.

Thanks for reading, dolls! xo

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  1. Does matte bronze have shimmer in the light when applied on skin? Xoxo