Sunday, October 10, 2010

Products I Regret Buying

Hey everybody! First and foremost I want to apologize for being MIA for five days, I was sick with mono since Monday. I didn't go to school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and he told me I had all the symptoms of mono and that there was no medicine for mono, that it just went away with time and good health.
Enough about my sickness and let's get on to the products I regret buying!
(clockwise: nivea kiss of moisture chapstick, revlon colorstay foundation, mac superglass sweet tart, mac lipstick(s) viva glam gaga, and dressmaker, dressmaker, elf blush and bronzer duo, nyc blushable cream stick in plaza pink, mac blush in instant chic)

To be honest the only reason I don't like it is because I got the wrong shade! This is way too light for me! I look like a ghost when I wear it. It is also drying, but other than that I'm sure if I bought the right shade I would've liked it. Always swatch foundation if you can (:

This blush is probably the worst powder blush I've ever tried.. The only reason I really got it was because everyone on youtube was raving about it saying it's the most amazing blush out there. It's not. It's called instant chic from the pret-a-papier collection. It's chalky, sheer, and the color itself isn't so great. I definitely regret buying this blush.

Another MAC product. Who would've guessed? I love MAC, but there are just some products I never use. This is definitely one of them. First it's $18.50 which is $4 more than a regular MAC lipglass and it contains less product (yes, I know the container is bigger but it contains 4.5 grams while the regular lipglass contains 4.8 grams.) The color is sheer, it's sticky, the glitter is gritty, it's hard to blend. I can't imagine what a MAC dazzleglass is like (I've never tried one and I hear these are less glittery)

I bought this back in late January when I first started wearing and buying makeup. I didn't mind it at first because I heared it was a dupe for orgasm by nars, but as soon as I bought the nars orgasm I realized they were nothing a like. The ELF one is powdery, a little chalky, doesn't have a gold undertone to it, and it's just not a dupe. I don't ever use it anymore. I'm probably going to give it to my mother.
I know. Everyone raves and raves about it. It's horrid. It moisturizes them for like two minutes and then they are drier than before you applied the chap stick. Definitely not worth it. Don't buy it! Softlips is a lot better if you're looking for a good chap stick (:

To be honest, theres nothing bad with it. It's just I never ever use it. Last time I touched it was probably two months ago. It's great, it's just I don't use it. Ever.
Viva glam gaga is too pink for me and Dressmaker, Dressmaker is too coral for me. Not much to it.


  1. I have the elf blush/bronzer duo, they are a little bit chalky but I think it's ok for the price. I really want to try the NYC B;ush because there are lots of great reviews about it.

  2. I don't really think it's bad, but it had so much to live up to from all the hype.. The blush from NYC is actually great, I just never ever use it! If you want I can send you the blush stick since I never use it, if you want (:

  3. The Viva Glam is surprisingly the one and only MAC I own and I love it.I'm pale but somehow it looks good on me.
    The Nivea it the WORST balm I've ever tried.Even vaseline is better than it!

  4. I don't hate the Viva Glam Gaga, I just never use it! Pinks don't really suite me; unless it's a darker or pale pink. And YES! I don't know why everyone raves about it!? It does moisturize but for like a minute then it's completely dry and flakey! I'm glad someone finally understands lol.

  5. It makes my lips dry.Even when they're in great condition...
    Which is "your" pink?I'm on my 2nd tube of the Gaga and I really hope they have some at the shop.*Sigh* for limited editions...