Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review: ELF Butternut quad

Hey everyone! Today I have another ELF quad review, I know I should probably just do them all in one post but it's much easier this way! When I do own all of them I'll do one whole post on them, I promise! Today I'll be reviewing the Butternut quad. It's just a neutral, everyday shimmery quad.
The best thing about these quads is that they are literally only $1, yes $1 for four highly pigmented eye shadows; with today's economy this is a life saver. The only bad thing about ELF is that it's very "limited"; when I say "limited", I mean the availability sucks. You can only find these on there website linked here and some targets (although I have seen ELF at a couple of local grocery stores.)  I used to order off ELF's website all the time, now I hate ordering online. Two reasons, one: I don't have a credit card and I hate asking my mom or dad for their credit card numbers and two: I hate shipping; I hate having to wait for shipping and I hate having to pay for shipping.
Alright, now on to the pictures and details!
As you can see it comes with four colors (hence the name quad.) It comes with a nice shimmery off white beige with a slight yellow undertone, a peachy-apricot beige color, a nice shimmery taupe-y brown color (my favorite), and a red tone brown color.
(swatches with no flash)

*Note: The swatches were swatched two times for the quality of the picture. In real life the colors are much more vibrant and really only need one swipe for the color to look like the picture! (:

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