Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What am I doing?

So, I am currently in my parents room eating chocolate ice cream and blasting Katy Perry with my cat at the edge of the bed purring on my legs. I haven't been doing much lately. Because one, my health hasn't been cooperating with me and two, I just have no social life haha. I really don't ever care about my school work; so studying and doing homework doesn't really happen much to be honest (I know; I should really care more)
I haven't been doing much of school lately, last week I missed four days because I had mono and this week I've already missed two days because of my cornea injury. This is really bad because I am already far far behind the other students, and I suck at make-up work and catching on to things. I just haven't been looking forward to school like I usually do (I usually look forward to seeing my friends and that's about it haha) but lately I just have been going because I have to. I've really been drifting from my friends like I usually do. I suck at keeping friendships and to be honest I never care about losing them. Maybe once in a blue moon I care about someone, but usually it's like okay we're not friends anymore? Great I don't care. Ooh, this is kind of a personal post? Yes.
I've really been in a reading and writing mood lately. I just really want to read something, or write something. I really want to read Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy series! It looks like something I personally would love (: Has anybody read that series? I would love to hear your opinion on it! Well, I think I'm going to let you guys go. I think I'll do more of these "What am I doing?" posts? They're fun to write! (:
Have a lovely night everybody! <3 xo

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