Thursday, October 21, 2010

WAID: 004

001. So sorry I haven't been doing real posts lately! I've just been busy, I know, story of my life. I promise tomorrow I'll do a real post! I'm getting out of school early so I'll have a couple of extra hours in the day to do whatever I want! I'll make a post or two. Maybe a review and a collective haul. I'm not too sure yet, but we'll see!

002. I have been blogging a lot lately, not here, but on luuux! If you don't have a luuux account go join luuux now! It's really easy, just join! You get points for blogging, which I love blogging, so I'm basically getting free things for doing what I love. You blog, comment, and rate posts for points! Once you have enough points you'll be able to choose a prize from the shop and choose whatever you want! (As long as you have enough points)

003. I'm slacking terribly at school! I've missed a lot of days already and I'm just not understanding any of the work I get! I'm probably going to fail most of my classes.. Oh dear god.

004. I have an idea to do a new kind of posts, its like Current Obsessions or Current Loves 001, 002, etc. Tell me what you guys think! Which one should I go with Current Obsessions? or Current Loves?

So, that's all for my little update! Thanks so much for reading! Love you all! xo

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