Monday, October 18, 2010

What's In My Purse?

I bought the purse yesterday, it's from the Mulberry for Target line. This is the bag. I was really excited when Target announced the Mulberry for Target line! I was actually going to get the bigger bag; the $50 bag but I didn't like the strap/handle to it! So I settled for this instead, I love it though! It's small, but holds everything I need!
I decided to put up this post because I personally love watching "What's in my purse" videos on youtube and even looking at pictures on blogs! It's nothing special, and the quality of the pictures are super duper crappy. Sorry again. I'm going to ask my dad if I can have his digital camera until I get my DSLR since that is much better quality! As soon as I get a new camera I'll do an updated What's in my purse- promise!

(from left to right, up and down: keys, coin purse, hand sanitizer, mac msf, clinique tender heart l/s, mac hue l/s, clinique lipgloss, revlon lipgloss, random pen, ud 24/7 zero eyeliner, estee lauder eyeliner (for friend), bobby pins, ring, soft lips, necklace)
On my keychain I have a dream catcher (bought it on a field trip in sixth grade), my keys of course, and the chain that came with the Mulberry for Target purse this is all in.

Thanks for reading loves! xo


  1. *Love* your ring and necklace!I too have some jewellery in my bag!They can change my style at any moment!
    And the dream catcher is so cute :D

  2. Thank you! They're both from Forever 21, so they were super cheap. And yes, I agree that they can change my style at any moment; they just make you look more put together. Plus, girls love their jewelry! :D The dream catcher has been on my keys since I got them, never got another keychain. I like it to much (: Ha.

  3. I actually have dreamcatcher earrings and love them!They're the ones I'm carrying in my bag :)

  4. Haha really!? I'd love to see them someday (:

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