Friday, October 1, 2010

September Favorites

Since today is the first of October I will be doing my September favorites! I love watching (as well as reading) monthly favorites. These are just things I've been loving and using a lot in the month of September (a couple of them I got during September, but a majority of them I've bought and used before.)

*Sorry for the crappy quality pictures; i'm using my cell phone for the pictures. Hopefully I'll be getting a canon dslr in December so I can take better quality pictures! Again, sorry!

(left to right: st ives apricot scrub, clean&clear morning burst scrub, cvs mint masque, clinique dramatically different moisterizing lotion)

I use the St. Ive's scrub about one-three times a week; depending on my skin. It is pure love, it really makes your skin super soft and smooth. Blackheads go away almost instantly, DO NOT USE ON DAILY BASIS. It is way too rough for every day use, stick to one-three times a week!

The Clean & Clear morning burst facial scrub is really just to wake me up in the morning, I go to sleep at around 11:00 pm- 12:30 am on weekdays, and I wake up at 6:35 am so I do have very little sleep and I am exhausted, so I use the clean & clear morning burst and it really wakes me up! This is a great, gental exfoliater for a daily basis.

Next, the CVS purifying mint masque. I use this around 1-4 times a month. This month, I used it around twice. I always forget! It is really great, I love it. As soon as the fifteen minutes are up I rinse a towel in warm water and wipe it off my face. It instantly makes my face brighter and just looking better! It was less than $4.99, so it is very affordable.

Last for skincare is the clinique dramatically different moisterizing lotion. I have very very very dry, flaky skin. Even during the summer! This really does help, I still have dryness around my nose area but it does much better than any other moisterizer i've tried, if you have mild-very dry skin i suggest it.

(clockwise: mac msf in perfect topping, nars blush in deep throat, benefit erase paste, mac msf natural in medium, smashbox hd foundation in light l1, maybelline dream mousse concealer)

First, the MAC MSF in perfect topping. I do feel bad for posting this since it is limited edition, but I've been using it everyday I felt I had to post it! It's such a beauty to look at, but it really does look great on as well! It's really beautiful, best highlighter i've ever used!

Second, is the oh-so-famous nars deep throat blush (not as famous as nars orgasm blush.) I own both deep throat and orgasm and I handsdown love deep throat so much more, I rarely use oegasm. I use deep throat every single day. It's such a pretty light pink.

Third, benefit erase paste. I use this to conceal my dark under eye circles. My undereyes are very dark and gross looking since I have about 5-7 hours of sleep each day. The shade I have is medium 2 (It came in a benefit kit for $10 along with two other delux samples, that is the only shade the kit came with. Thankfully, it matched me very well.)

Next, is the mac msf natural. It is so silky and smooth, I can apply like thirty layers (not literally) and it wouldn't be cakey! This has never ever caked on me. For the price of $26 I think it's completely worth it.

The smashbox hd foundation is amazing. I've had it since late august and I fell in love the first time I used it. It is kind of drying so I put half a pump of the clinique moisterizer and then a full pump of the smashbox foundation, and it works great. I've tried quite a bit of foundations before this one including revlon colorstay, estee lauder, covergirl, etc. This is hands down the best I've tried so far.

Last, but not least is the maybelline dream mousse concealer. It gives high coverage, it is such a good concealer. Best drugstore concealer I have ever tried; go try it! It's like $6 and i'm half way done and i've had it for half a year!

(swatches left to right (top): clinique tenderheart, mac angel, mac creme d' nude, mac hue, mac peachstock, ysl rouge volupte 2 sesual silk
bottom: mac underage lipglass, mac lovenectar lustreglass, revlon lipgloss #40 nude lustre)

(clockwise: urban decay naked palette, urban decay 24/7 eyeglide zero, l'oreal carbon black felt tip liquid eyeliner, urban decay primer potion, barestudy paintpot, l'oreal voluminous, mac grand enterance, mac satin taupe, mac naked lunch, urban decay loves new york book of shadows volume three, mac eyeshadow quad in palace pedigreed)

(left, up to down: mac bare study paint pot, l'oreal waterproof voluminous, l'oreal carbon black felt tip liquid eyeliner, ud zero liner, udpp)


  1. I love the St. Ives scrubs too@@

  2. I know! It's great, it leaves your skin so soft and smooth (: