Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sinful Colors Nail Polish Collection

(left to right: black on black, rich in heart, see you soon, daddy's girl, vacation, mint apple, go-go girl)

 You can buy these at Walgreen's for $2.00 or 2/$3.00 I got mine for $1 each during their sale on sinful colors! These are actually really great, I could wear them for three days without any chipping, then after three days it begins to chip. But, for the price who cares? Haha. My favorite for fall is probably rich in heart, it's a gorgeous black based nail polish with a little bit of burgundy to it. Their most famous nail polish I think is mint apple because a) they had one full stand with only mint apple on it and b) a lot of people on youtube talk about it. BTW, remember to open the bottle and look at the brush because the go-go girl one had it's brush hairs everywhere! Just a heads up.
Have you guys tried sinful colors? If so, let me know (:


  1. oh i saw this sale and almost bought mint apple too! i resisted though :)