Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sephora Friends & Family Sale!

Yay! I took advantage of Sephora's last sale which was like 15% off ( I can't remember the name of the sale though!) back in I think April or March! Now finally a new sale! It's the Sephora Friends and Family sale which is 20% off your whole order/purchase plus free shipping with orders over $50! Discounts in high end makeup is so rare, so I love that sephora does them! The sale starts Octorber 22 and ends November 3, 2010! So on October 22nd rush to and add everything to your cart! (;
The code is: FF2010
BTW guys all credit goes to:
If it wasn't for her post, I probably wouldn't have found out until a week after the sale ended! Hope you guys get to take advantage of the deal! <3