Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My MAC Palette + Mini Update!

Sorry I've been gone for five whole days! Lately I've just been so tired, working on homework, studying for this test I took today, I'm taking the last portion of the test tomorrow (thank god) but too bad it's on my weakest subject, math. By the way expect a haul some time next week or the week after! I ordered a lot of things online from Sephora, MAC, and Transdesign.com! I'm super excited to get everything in!

(first row, l-r: naked lunch, grand entrance, jest, and all that glitters. second row, l-r: honesty, mulch, and satin taupe)

I love my neutral eyeshadow as you can see, these are all the MAC eyeshadows I own. I do own two other quads, but those don't really count. My personal favorite colors are naked lunch, grand entrance and satin taupe. The ones I don't use or care for are all that glitters and honesty. Honesty really lacks in pigment. It really is just a very very sheer brown with a bunch of shimmer. All that glitters is just not my type of color, a lot of people describe it as a champagne color. That is definitely not the case, it's more of a neutral melon/gold toned lid color. I really am not a fan of melon nor gold colors. It was my first eyeshadow from MAC (first permanent color) and it was a huge dissapointment for me.

(from l-r: naked lunch, grand entrance, jest, all that glitters, honesty, mulch, satin taupe)

Hope you enjoyed the post, dolls! xo