Wednesday, February 16, 2011


... I don't even know how to explain myself. I haven't made a post in almost three months! I can't even say I've been busy, because I haven't been. I have been semi-busy with school, family and friends, etc. but that is no excuse to not make a post in THREE MONTHS. I am back, and I'll be making a whole bunch of posts for you guys! Also, I make A TON of posts on my luuux which you can go to my page here! I've been on luuux non stop for a few months now, so if I don't make a post here you can always go to my luuux  page and see if I've made a post!

If you have any requests for me to do, PLEASE let me know! I'm pretty much brain dead which is probably the main reason I left blogger for a while! xx

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