Thursday, February 17, 2011

MAC Viva Glam Gaga Dupe!

I am super thrilled to show you all a dupe I found! I was looking at my collection (which I might do a video on soon!) trying to see what I can review or talk about since I knew for sure I wanted to do a post today. I took out a Rimmel London lipstick in Pink Champagne/ Pink Blush (They've changed the name, but I promise it's the same color!) and realized it looked similar to the lipstick I had on which was Viva Glam Gaga. I know a lot of you didn't get the chance to get it, and I've seen prices on eBay to be over $100 which is CRAZY for a lipstick! 

I bought Viva Glam Gaga when it first came out in February of 2010, it was my first purchase from MAC and I was ecstatic! It's a gorgeous bright blue pink shade. I honestly haven't seen great dupes out there. This one is probably the best dupe I've come across (if you know any dupes for this lipstick, please let me know!) 

I bought the Rimmel London lipstick almost a month ago during the CVS 50-75% off sale for $1.78 cents! I'm not quite sure if the sale is still going on but you can always check G.'s blog for more updates on that! She also shares all the great deals and sale out there, so make sure to follow her if you haven't already! $1.78 is an awesome deal for any lipstick really! 

As you can see the colors are VERY VERY similar! The Rimmel lipstick is on the top and the Gaga is on the bottom. I was really shocked to see how similar these colors are. They're not exact dupes; I say the Viva Glam Gaga is a little bit more blue toned and a little less bright than the Rimmel lipstick. Overall both colors are gorgeous and I'd definitely recommend the Rimmel London lipstick if you're looking for Viva  Glam Gaga and is having bad luck! Do you think they look similar? Did you get a chance to pick up Viva Glam Gaga? Let me know! xx