Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Transdesign Nail Polish Haul! OPI + China Glaze

(from l-r: china glaze for audrey, opi got a date to-knight, opi done out in deco, opi tickle my france-y, opi over the taupe, opi you don't know jacques, opi lincoln park after dark, opi my private jet)
Last monday I ordered from Transdesign and bought 8 nail polishes, shipping was EXPENSIVE. It was $20 to ship 8 nail polishes! I ended up spending a little over $60! That's crazy, but hey, I did it. I am very glad I did. The colors are all so gorgeous! I'm currently wearing "My Private Jet" which I painted two days ago and there has been NO chipping! Which for me, is crazy. I do a lot with my nails, including biting and they usually chip in like the first hour. Oh yeah, and the main reason I even bought My Private Jet because it is Kim Kardashian's favorite nail polish color.. (:

As you can see the color is absolutely gorgeous! I am obsessed with looking at my nails now (I know, conceited) What do you think!?

What are your favorite nail polishes? Do you like OPI? Have you tried OPI?

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  1. I love all the colors you got! Luckily, there's a nail supply store near me that sells OPI for $4! Does My Private Jet have glitteries in it? They're so hard to get off : [