Saturday, November 20, 2010

Haul: Walgreens and Dollar Tree + Update!

So before I go ahead and get right into the haul I want to apologize for not making a post practically all month. I can't say I've been busy because I haven't. I've just been using other websites and just kept procrastinating about making a post on my blog! The procrastination ends now. I'm hoping to be back for good- not being back for a month then not making a post for two months, no. I'm going to start taking my blog seriously. I love blogging and this is my only way to blog at the moment. I love you all! x

Now that my little update is done, I'll be doing a really quick haul. I went to Walgreens and Dollar tree today and picked up a couple of goodies I though I'd share with you all! I have a really good "dupe" for something in this haul as well! So keep reading if you want to save up to $84 dollars (:

Alright, so the first picture is everything I got from Walgreens and Dollar Tree. The second and third picture are the things I got from Walgreens. I only got four things. Cotton balls, two Sinful Colors Proffesional nail polishes, and a LE WNW Color Icon palette.
The first nail polish is a very pretty silver glitter polish called "Queen of Beauty" and the second and last nail polish I got is a beautiful silver metallic color called "Out of this World". I got both of these colors to wear on Thanksgiving, which in the United States is this Thursday (I have the whole week off! Yay!) Then I got cotton balls, which is boring. Just jumbo generic cotton balls to remove nail polish. The last thing I bought was the new WNW Color Icon Palette in Sugar Plum Fairy. I saw Stephanie's post (blog linked here) on some WNW palettes she picked up and I thought this was one was gorgeous. Lately, I've really been loving purple eye shadow so this is perfect. If you want swatches, I'll do a review once I start using it!

Now the Dollar Tree part. If you don't already know Dollar Tree is probably the only dollar store where everything is $1. Everything, nothing is $5, $4, $3, $2, or even $1.09. Everything is $1 or less! I love it, I spent $20.24 in total (but some things were for my mom and I got a bunch of snacks that I didn't include here) so I'm only showing beauty related things :P
So the first thing I got was a pack of 6 mini packs of tissue so I can take it to school now that I have a really bad cold! Then, I got a pack of makeup remover wipes. I really like the Target brand Up & Up ones but I saw these so I thought why not try it for a buck? I haven't tried it quite yet, but when I do I will be doing a review! Then I got a little loofah for you know, showers haha. I also got some nail polish remover since I've been really into nail polish and I'm running low on the one I'm using now! Now for the I guess you would call it dupe. The Daisy by Marc Jacobs dupe. The brand is called Jean Phillippe Paris. I'm sure you've seen these generic perfumes at dollar stores before, I know I have. I saw it and I was like "Oh! I love Daisy!" So I smelled it and I swear it smells EXACTLY the same! It's ONLY one dollar. If you like Daisy I reccomend this! Even though I already own Daisy by Marc Jacobs I thought either I can give it to a friend or keep it in my purse for touch ups! Then I got the generic version of Anais Anais by Cacharel. My mom used to use this ALL THE TIME when I was around three and four years old, I even remember spraying it in my eyes because I was curious.. Oh how stupid I was. It smells nice and floral so I had to get it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this haul, if you want a review or comparison of anything just let me know in a comment! Thanks for reading lovelies! xo


  1. that wnw palette is gorgeous, i love the colors

  2. Everyone seems to be getting those Wet'n'Wild palettes, they look really pretty!